Training Resources


This page has a number of WASH related training resources developed by IFRC and National Societies, that you can download, adapt and use, including:

  • WASH competency framework and role profiles
  • Training packages / curriculum (including example agendas, PowerPoint, activities and reference materials) 
  • Link to emergency WASH related e-learning modules

WASH Competencies and Role Profiles

IFRCs WASH Technical Competency Framework describes the knowledge and skills expected of WASH personnel, over 3 tiers: Tier A – Demonstrate knowledge; Tier B  – Able to carry out; and Tier C – Able to design and evaluate. Download it by clicking on the icon above, or directly from the WASH Surge page here.

IFRC have developed role profiles (job descriptions) for key WASH staff. The profiles include the key duties and responsibilities, and technical and core competencies required for: 

  • WASH Coordinator
  • WASH Officer
  • Hygiene Promotion Officer
  • Sanitation Engineer

Download the Role Profiles directly from the WASH Surge page here.

Emergency WASH trainings

IFRC Branch Outbreak Response Training (BORT) for cholera


Training for branch staff and volunteers to respond to disease outbreaks to break transmission routes in health facilities, case households, communities and amongst the most vulnerable.

Format and length of training

Face to face, 4 days.

6 modules, with a mix of theory and practical exercises.

Competency level

Tier B (Able to carry out)

Key content / topics

Key topics include role of the Branch Transmission Intervention Teams; disease transmission routes; WASH interventions in health care facilities, households and community spaces; preparation, use and management of chlorine; and medium to long term interventions.

Download training resources (English)

IFRC Oral Cholera Vaccine (OCV) Training for Volunteers


Training for volunteers aims to provide NSs with the capacity to support both preventative and responsive OCV campaigns which governments have requested. 

Format and length of training

Face to face, 1 day.

4 modules presented through power point and 5 practical activities.

Competency level

Tier B (Able to carry out)

Key content / topics

Giving cholera messages and information; giving information and answering questions regarding the vaccine and the OCV campaign; carrying out rapid WASH assessments of households; setting up and operationalizing vaccine centres and being involved in post campaign activities such as coverage and effectiveness surveys.


IFRC Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT) Training of Trainers (ToT)


Training for staff and volunteers in Oral Rehydration Therapy preparedness and response at branch and community level, to improve early diagnosis, treatment and referral of cholera cases.

Format and length of training

3 days face-to-face.

Two days theory/classroom, and one day practical simulation exercise.


Key content / topics

ORT Level 1 – cholera and cholera prevention, ORT at community level, reporting and logistics, cholera detection and alert, community mobilisation, stigma prevention and rumour management.

ORT Level 2 – Setting up an ORP and referral system, infection prevention and control (IPC).

Simulation – Installing an ORP, chlorine solution prepration and IPC practice, reconditioning of ORP kits.


Download training resources (English)
  1. General information - agenda, and preparation and roll-out of the training
  2. ORT Level 1 Training Package, and Story of Cholera video (English), Story of Cholera video (Lap Kri), Managing dehydration video (English) - facilitation notes, presentations, training activities/quizzes, and resources
  3. ORT Level 2 Training Package - facilitation notes, presentations, training activities/quizzes, and resources 
  4. Simulation - organization and monitoring, signs and reference cards, role play
  5. ORP Booklet & Reference Cards
  6. Useful documents

Complete training package (Zip file, with all files in 1 - 6 above)

MHM and incontinence

Training activities - coming soon!


Training activities - coming soon!

Videos - coming soon!


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