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This is an improved way of collecting WASH data since 2005 and for not only WASH projects but projects that has WASH components. We have already loaded up in the system all your data from 2005 to 2014 and now we are offering brief training for you to use the system online.
The advantages:

  • Quick, simple, easy to use ‘in real time’ data collection (both historic and new data)
  • Ability to manage your own data easily.
  • Ability to print out your own data for reports and marketing from the portal
  • Do data analysis

The roll-out is currently taking place through online and in-person workshops. Please find the written guidelines here (including things to consider and explanations of terms) and the visual guidelines for HNS and PNS. If you have any questions or your National Society does not have an account, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Bach

Latest Guidance and Power Points (English and Spanish and for both HNS and PNS):

Overall Guide in English:

User guide_250518.pdf

Visual Guide English HNS:

Visualguideline_HNS. pptx

Visual Guide English PNS:


Overall Guide in Spanish:

Guia por usuarios_ES.pdf

Visual Guide in Spanish:


Previous Version (Archive Only):


The Federation’s Global Water and Sanitation Initiative (GWSI) outlines a common approach among National Societies to establish larger-scale, longer-term sustainable water and sanitation programmes to contribute more effectively in meeting the MDG’s and now the SDG’s and up to 2025. Latest updates and other key information and communication materials can be accessed at the Watsan page

2015 Summary and Overview

GWSI Mapping country by country 2015
GWSI Mapping Analysis

GWSI Tools

Baseline Survey
GWSI Evaluation Tools

GWSI PHAST Guidance Note
GWSI PHAST Checklist and Guidance Note
GWSI PHAST Checklist

Look Back Study package

Curriculum, Manual and Toolkit for community-based water, sanitation and hygiene programs

Developed by NLRC and IFRC, 2007

Curriculum – community based WatSan programs

Module 1 – Community Entry
Module 2_Technology and Approaches to WASH
Module 3_Sustainability in WASH
Module 4_Planning Monitoring and Evaluation

Toolkit 1_Community Participation
Toolkit 2_Water
Toolkit 3_Sanitation
Toolkit 4_Hygiene
Toolkit 5_Operations and Maintenance
Toolkit 6_Needs Assessment
Toolkit 7_Monitoring and Evaluation
Toolkit 8_Emergency WatSan