Monitoring and Evaluation

Mapping of IFRC WatSan and Health Emergency Operations (2004 – 2011) WatSan and Health Emergency Operation Mapping 2004 -2011(full data).xlsx 


General Readings 

IFRC Handbook for monitoring and evaluation

IFRC Project/Programme monitoring and evaluation guide

WatSan PoA Template

Look Back Toolkit Look Back Study

IFRC PMER Toolkit Overview For Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA)
Community Based Health & First Aid (CBHFA) Indicator Guide

Wash Indicators

Diagram of Hygiene Promotion Indicators (USAID HIF)
Key Indicator Summary Sheet (IRC)
Water and sanitation indicators Guide (IFRC)
Water Quality as an indicator for HP sector (ACF)
WatSan Indicators Measurement Guide (USAID)

Training Module PHAST Monitoring and Evaluation

How to gather information
Monitoring, impact assessment, and evaluation handout-Training module
Monitoring, impact assessment, and evaluation-Module
Project monitoring plan (CARE Hygiene promotion manual)
Monitoring, impact assessment, and evaluation-Overhead
Monitoring, impact assessment, and evaluation- Reporting format
PHAST Monitoring Checklist
PHAST Quarterly monitoring sheet
Step 6 PHAST planning for monitoring
Step 7 PHAST Participatory evaluation
Writing a report: Working with communities (International Federation toolkit)

Hygiene Evaluation

Evaluation of hygiene education program
Focusing on key hygiene behaviors

General Readings

Assessing Sustainability (WEDC)
Evaluation of hygiene promotion (WELL)
Evaluation on hygiene education programme (WHO FACT sheet)
Strategic report 8: Assessing hygiene improvement-Guidelines for household and community levels (EHP)
Monitoring and evaluation in a nutshell
Monitoring and evaluation guidelines ARCHI 2010
Participatory evaluation: Working with communities
Participatory monitoring (IFRC toolbox)
Needs assessment and stakeholder analysis
Technical notes: Monitoring and evaluation ToR
Using structured observation in the study of health behavior (LSHTM)
How safe is safe? A concise review of the health impacts of water supply, sanitation, and hygiene (WELL)

Evaluation and Monitoring Reports

Water and sanitation evaluation report: Post hurricane Mitch/Central America (CDC)

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