Monitoring and Evaluation

According to the IFRC, monitoring “is the routine collection and analysis of information to track progress against set plans and check compliance to established standards. It helps identify trends and patterns, adapt strategies and inform decisions for project/programme management” .
Evaluation, on the other hand, is “an assessment, as systematic and objective as possible, of an ongoing or completed project, programme or policy, its design, implementation and results. The aim is to determine the relevance and fulfilment of objectives, developmental efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability. An evaluation should provide information that is credible and useful, enabling the incorporation of lessons learned into the decision-making process of both recipients and donors.”
On this page, you will find several Monitoring and Evaluation tools which will be helpful for your WASH projects, both in emergency and developmental contexts.

Guidelines and tools​

Red Cross Red Crescent Guidelines and tools

What is this guide?

The purpose of this guide is to promote a common understanding and reliable practice of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for IFRC project/programmes. It is meant to be a desktop reference that supplements the more concise and field-friendly IFRC PMER Pocket Guide. Therefore, this guide is not intended to be read from cover to cover; the reader can refer to specific topics for more detail when needed.

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Participatory evaluation (IFRC toolbox)

WatSan PoA Template

Look Back Toolkit Look Back Study package

IFRC PMER Toolkit Overview For Community Based Health and First Aid (CBHFA)

Community Based Health & First Aid (CBHFA) Indicator Guide

Water and sanitation indicators Guide (IFRC)

Monitoring and evaluation in a nutshell (IFRC)

External Guidelines and tools

Learning Resources

External Learning Resources

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