IFRC Assessment Tools

Download the WatSan Emergency Plan of Action Template – Outcomes, Outputs and Activities here. Please use this for all emergency appeals and DREF applications.

WatSan PoA Template – Indicators

 Click here for the reporting template and mobile data collection template



MSM rapid assessment checklist _IFRC

IFRC VCA Toolkit

Hygiene promotion – Core areas assessment Checklist (IFRC)

Hygiene promotion needs assessment checklist (CARE)

Sphere Project: WatSan Initial Needs Assessment Checklist

Oxfam: Checklist for rapid assessment

Rapid KPC Survey – Household watsan(EHP-USAID)

IFRC Sociocultural assessment tool for water, sanitation and hygiene programmes EnglishSpanishFrench

Assessment, Appraisal & Analysis

TOT Assessment Analysis: ModuleHandouts, and Overheads



IFRC Guidelines for Emergency Assessment in EnglishFrenchSpanish, Arabic

MSF Manual for the Assessment of Health and Humanitarian Emergencies

Rapid Appraisal in Humanitarian Emergencies Using Participatory Ranking Methodology Guide

Participatory Ranking Methodology Manual


Baseline Surveys

IFRC PHAST baseline survey

WatSan Household survey _Nigerian RCS

Ivory Coast Survey Questionnaire (ACH)

KAP Template Kakuma _ACF

Myannmar KAP Survey questionnaire (ACF)

MICS Household Questionairre _UNICEF

Mini-baseline survey _OXFAM

Oxfam – KAP-B – Public Health Questionnaire

Rapid Health facility Assessment (EHP-USAID)

Spatial Sanitary Survey Form _IRC

ACF Simplified Sampling Tools: EnglishFrench


Data Collection Methods

IFRC Working with communities – A Toolbox

WHO FACT sheets: Collecting inform hygiene practices

Data Collection Methods: Gender Training Package

Manual de campo

Sample In-Depth Interview Guide (EHP)

ToT – Assessment Information Gathering – Overhead

ToT – How to Gather Information – Handout

Working with interpreters _CARE

Participatory Assessment

Participatory Methods _Linda Mayoux

Methodology participatory assess (IRC)

Methodology for Participatory Assessments (World Bank)

Focus Groups

How to conduct group discussion (OXFAM PHP Guide)

Generic Focus Discussion Group Guide (EHP)

Focus group discussion with women for KAP survey (ACF)


Transect Walk and Observation Guide (IFRC)

Structured Observation Guide

The use of structured observations (LSTMH)

How to conduct a community meeting (ACH)

HP Background Information – Checklist (EHP)


How to Conduct a Survey

Choosing The Sample (UNICEF)

Documenting WatSan Coverage (IRC)

Guidance notes on sampling _ERU MSM – IFRC

Guidelines for using mini survey

How to do a questionnaire (UNICEF)

Hygiene Education and KAP Surveys – French

Assessing community health programs: A trainer’s Guide: Using LQAS for baseline surveys

Assessing Community Health Programs: A Participant’s Manual and Workbook

KAP Survey Field Guide (USAID)

Random Number Table

Sanitary Surveying Tech Brief (WEDC)

Short Guidance Notes for Survey _IFRC

Statistical Procedures for Surveys (MSF)

Survey Manual


Tabulate and Analyze Data

KAP survey template 1 and template 2.


Examples of Survey Reports

Angola KAP Survey report

Cambodia KAP Survey report

Sri Lanka KAP Survey report