Long Term Hygiene Promotion

Sustainable WASH Software tools and information

The International Federation software tools for long-term water and sanitation planning
Ensuring gender equity and community participation in the WatSan programme

What are the IFRC software criteria?

GWSI PHAST Guidance Note
GWSI PHAST Checklist and Guidance Note
GWSI PHAST Checklist
CBHFA and PHAST Integration Discussion paper
Guidance Note – Integration of CLTS and PHAST
Hygiene and Sanitation Software; An overview of approaches (WSSCC)

Visual Aids Library DVD (WASH Cluster)

Have a look at the Blue School Kit  and its Presentation

PHAST manuals

PHAST manual (step-by-step guide) (WHO) (available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese)
PHAST Manual Urdu
PHAST Manual Arabic

Red Cross Red Crescent experiences, lessons and recommendations

Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation Transformation in Emergency Response (PHASTer) Report- Philippine Red Cross

CLTS and PHAST in Eritrea (English)ATPC et PHAST en Erythree (Française) 
Integrating CLTS and PHAST in Kenya (English) Integration de l’ATPS et PHAST au Kenya (Française) 
CLTSH in Ethiopia (English) ATPCH in Ethiopie (Française) 


Collecting information about current hygiene practices

Other information

Water, sanitation, and hygiene manual for populations at risk (ACF) 
The role of hygiene education
Hygiene education for young people
Essential hygiene messages in post-disaster emergencies
Evidence of behavior change-Burkina Faso (Valerie Curtis)
Improving health through behavior change
Motivating better hygiene behavior
Personal hygiene behavior
WASH related nonfood items – A briefing paper 
The role of hygiene education (WHO fact sheet)
Water and hygiene education (ACF) in French
Domestic hygiene and diarrhea 
Social approach to WASH guidelines (ACF)
Guidelines for public health promotion in emergency (Oxfam)
Health promotion glossary (WHO)
Hygiene and sanitation promotion (LSHTM)
Hygiene promotion (WELL, Valerie Curtis)
Hygiene promotion field note (World Bank)
CARE hygiene promotion manual in Spanish
Hygiene promotion poster-IFRC
Hygiene promotion top 10 (LSHTM)
Jakarta Declaration (WHO)
Learning the fundamentals of hygiene promotion (World Bank)
Sustainability of hygiene Booklet 1 and Booklet 2
Selecting options: Choosing improved hygienic behaviours
What are the software criteria?
IRC thematic paper: Hygiene promotion
Hygiene needs of incontinence sufferers
Central American handwashing initiative (USAID)
Hygiene practices strategy Laos (World Bank)
Improved hygiene in Kinshasa markets (EHP)
Promoting Good Hygiene Practices

Approaches to promote hand-washing and sanitation behavior change in low- and middle-income countries

CEBaP which Belgian Red Cross Flanders Center of Evidence Based Practice
Handwashing approaches – Plain Summary.pdf link to complete survey

Webinar on YouTube, hosted by WSSCC: