Vienna Wash Advisors Meeting

January 2016 RC RC WASH Advisors Meeting #January2016RCRCWASHAdvisorsMeeting

New items from French Red Cross…..on IWRM, Climate and Water Resource management….
WIKI FRENCH Water Resources english Laos.pdf
WIKI FRENCH Water Resources Case study Laos – 2015.pdf

Meeting outcomes and follow-ups:
Vienna Closing Action Points WASH Advisors Meeting Jan 2016 .pptx

Meeting Presentations
Vienna 2016 AutRC_WASH, Food Security& Nutrition.pptx
Vienna GWSI SDGs RM and Flagship update.pptx
Vienna 2016 WASH Advisor meeting Vienna 2016 – DM WASH.pptx
Vienna 2016 Urban WASH TWG Presentaion-Jan 2016.pdf
Vienna 2016 Uli-WASH Advisors Meeting Jan 2016 Vienna.pptx
Vienna 2016 Software approches and challenges – Vienna Jan 2016.pptx
Vienna 2016 Philippines Tondo porject – TWG Urban Vienna – Jan 2016.pptx

Pre-reading and post-reading/key documents:

PRE-READING and POST-Reading (please send additional items to Robert or William).

Outcomes and feedback from last meeting in Stockholm:
Stockholm WASH Advisors consolidated feedback results September 2015 Final (2).docx
Stockholm PNS meeting notes and action points(FINAL) (3).docx

IFRC Discussion paper on Urban Wash version (2)
URBAN WASH Discussion Paper Version(2).docx

EU Public Group on WASH performance country by country and BLOG/reference website go to:

Emergency Sanitation Project Phase 1 Final Report
ESP Final Project Report June 2015 v2.pdf

Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) documents (especially for Urban WASH TWG) most are very short:
Vienna WSUP Six Month Report July 2015.pdf
(Note the above document is not for external circulation)
Vienna WSUP The-Urban-Programming-Guide.pdf
Vienna WSUP PN019 ENGLISH – DWASA LIC Unit.pdf
Vienna WSUP P002 ENGLISH – Entrepreneurial ecosystems success stories.pdf
Vienna WSUP PN018 ENGLISH – Menstrual hygiene.pdf
Vienna WSUP PN020 ENGLISH – Municipal Finance.pdf

GWSI ‘Look Back’ Study Zambia 2015. Final Draft:
Vienna Lookback study Zambia_Final draft.pdf

EL NINO update East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands (ICRC/IFRC) impact so far more positive than negative?
Vienna IFRC ICRC Regional Seasonal Forecast update No 7 final.pdf

Cholera Vaccine and WASH information/guidance note from IFRC thanks to Emergency Health colleagues:
Vienna Oral Cholera Vaccine and WASH synergy.docx

RANAS 5 documents thanks to Lieve Adam of the Belgian Red Cross.
Vienna Huber_Mosler_2012 study ethiopia.pdf
Vienna latrines maintenance burundi Mosler.pdf
Vienna mosler article integrated approach.pdf
Vienna Mosler_RC Belgium_L_6_2015.pdf
Vienna Sandec_News_2012_Article_Mosler (3).pdf