WASH Emergency Reporting Template For Magpi
This is a zip file. The xhtml file contained in the zip file can be imported into Magpi. When you do this, select “Create a copy if form exists”. This cannot be done on a mobile phone, you will need to access it with a computer.

WASH Emergency Reporting Template Spreadsheet
This Excel file includes instructions on using both the Magpi form template and how to use the spreadsheet for data visualization and analysis

This is a work in progress, please check back here for updates and improved versions!
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International Federation Report examples

Progress report example:Safe household water treatment project/ Regional delegation Nairobi- Water and sanitation team
Form A: Annual water and sanitation data collection form
Program update
Siterep-monthly report Example 1Example 2
Water and sanitation highlights-East Africa example

ECHO reports

Narrative interim report form
ECHO interim report -Water supply repair project, Rutana province, Burundi
Narrative final report form