Wolayita zone, Kindo Koysha district, Bele 01 kebele (collection of villages), Molticho village, Ethiopia April 2017

The drought which has affected millions of people in Ethiopia since 2015, has now shifted from the north to the south and southeast, leaving an estimated 5.6 million people in need o emergency food assistance.

In Kindo Koysha district, at least 7 rivers have dried up, cattle are dying, crops have not been sown and people have used up whatever stockpiles of food they had.

Since late February 2017, the Ethiopian Red Cross Society has been trucking in water to groups of villages (kabeles) in Kindo Koysha district. What started as a plan to assist 8 kabeles quickly jumped to 16. With only one truck, water is limited and communities can only be reached once every four or five days.

The Canadian Red Cross is supporting ERCS with 3 water trucks aimed at providing emergency water to close to 29,000 people in 16 kabeles for 3 months (thru mid July 2017). The project will also see the installation of 14 water storage tanks, the distribution of jerry cans, soap and buckets, and the distribution of fodder and medication to approximately 175,000 nursing livestock in order to keep animals fed and free from disease.

The IFRC has revised its emergency appeal upwards to 13.7 million Swiss francs to support ERCS in assisting nearly 320,000 people through December 2017. The expanded operation focuses on health; water, sanitation and hygiene; livelihoods; nutrition and food security.

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