Middle East and North Africa

A. Country specific

B. General Arabic Resources
Below you will find a number of water and sanitation resources including manuals, templates, presentations and IEC materials in Arabic.Click on the link (words) to open each file.

The materials have been split into sections: General, Software, Water, Assessment, Training Resources, Sanitation, WASH in Schools, hygiene promotion and IEC materials. Where appropriate the authors of the material have been referenced/acknowledged.

SPHERE Handbook -2011 (Arabic)
Guidelines for Community Health Volunteers (Arabic) (MoH) 
IASC WASH Guidance Note (Arabic)
WASH and Gender (IASC) (Arabic) 
Water and Conflict – CRS (Arabic)

WatSan Software
Guidelines for triggering CLTS in Arabic and in English
PHAST guide-Arabic-Yemen

Household water treatment (Arabic)
Training Manual on Water (Arabic) – YRCS
Presentation on Water Quality in Emergencies (Arabic)-YRCS
Presentation on Water Treatment Methods (Arabic)- CARE
Download a zip file with posters on water storage here
Download a zip file with posters on water treatment here

WASH Assessment (Arabic)
Initial WASH Needs Assessment Form (Arabic) 
Emergency Assessment Module (Arabic)
Initial Rapid Assessment Guide (Arabic) – MIRA 

Training Resources
WASH Hygiene Promotion Modules (Arabic) – WASH Cluster



GIZ – Manual on Construction, Design and Maintenance of Latrines (Arabic)
Download a zip file with posters on latrine promotion here 
Operation Manual on Sanitation (Arabic)- SFD
Structure and Operation of Sewage System (Arabic)- SFD
Sanitation and Sewage System (Arabic)- GIZ
Ecosan Training Handout-Yemen (Arabic) part 1
Ecosan Training Handout- Yemen (Arabic) part 2

WASH in Schools
For student/teachers manuals in Arabic click here
For children’s activities and IEC materials in Arabic click here

Hygiene Promotion and IEC material
Click on the links below to download zip files of example IEC materials:

Safe latrine poster (sit)
Safe latrine poster (squat)
Safe water poster
Personal hygiene promotion poster
Sticker: Handwashing
Handwashing sticker 2
Poster handwashing
Hygiene parcel front 
Hygiene parcel back
Hygiene poster

Vector Control IEC material
Malaria Leaflet Arabic – MoH
Malaria Posters Arabic – SFD
Bilharzia Poster Arabic – SFD

HP Cards: MENA
Contamination chain
Take two children
Three pile sorting
Voting Chart