Management Tools

Management Tools

Templates and Examples

WatSan Appeal/DREF Activity Template
Job descriptions
Job Evaluations
Operations update template
Project planning

Stock management
Terms of reference
WatSan PoA template

Human Resources

WASH Technical Competency Framework

International Staff

Water & Sanitation (Hygiene Promotion) Delegate Job Description

Local Staff

Camp cleaner job description
Hygiene promoter manager (emergency) job description
Hygiene promoter manager job description
Job description examples (CARE)
National Society WatSan software officer 
Water point guard job description


IFRC Caring for volunteers: A psychosocial toolkit
IFRC Tools and techniques for volunteering programs
IFRC Voluntary service volunteer management cycle
IFRC Volunteer management toolbox
IFRC Volunteering policy

ECHO Guidelines

ECHO Proposal and Review Guidelines

Best practices

Case study 1: PMI/International Federation PHAST programme in Indonesia/Tsunami earthquake affect areas
Case study 2: Addressing community health needs in Uganda using a participatory methodology
Case study 3: South Asia earthquake – Pakistan / Ensuring gender equity and community participation in the water and sanitation program
History of the WatSan programmes in the DPRK
DPRK Red Cross-Sanitation Intervention Guidelines