Geneva WASH Advisor Meeting 2017

Meeting Action Points
WASH Advisers’ Action Points March 2017 Final.pptx

Presentations and Handouts

  1. Stockholm 2016 WASH Advisors Nutrition WASH forum TOR version (4).docx
  2. WASH Strategy 2017 Summary version 2 .pptx
  3. WASH Strategic Direction 2017 Final 30.01.2017.docx
  4. WASH Devlopment Update March WASH Advisors.pptx
  5. Urban WASH TWG Action Points from meeting of March 21st 2017..docx
  6. URBAN WASH SPECIFIC STRATEGY final 21st March 2017.docx
  7. Uganda WASH Update.pptx
  8. IFRC WASH update_ WCA_ Zakari.pptx
  9. SDG 6 Indicators Unpacked Version 8 22.03.2017.docx
  10. GWSI PORTAL.pptx
  11. East Africa_Urban WASH.pptx
  12. East Africa WASH Advisors.pptx
  13. Cholera WASH Nutrition Africa concept note version(2) January 2017.docm
  14. APRO Update March 2017.pptx
  15. Geneva 2017 William-Emergency PP WASH Advisors Meeting.pptx
  16. Presentation TWG_1_Intro & Challenges.pptx
  17. Summary of IFRC Guidelines to Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies 09.03.docx
  18. IFRC Guidelines to Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies DRAFT 09.03.docx
  19. Overview of the IFRC Guidelines to Hygiene Promotion in Emergencies .docx
  20. Urban WASH TWG Presentaion-Mar 2017.pdf
  21. Urban WASH TWG Presentaion-Mar 2017.pptx
  22. MENA WASH 03.17.pptx
  23. WASH and Nutrtion.pptx
  24. WASH advisor WASH and Cholera.pptx